The story of a quilt

I realized early in the year that this would be my parents’ fortieth anniversary.  I began to think about ideas for making them a quilt.  In February, I got a set of embroidery designs that featured floral hearts and the phrases “love is patient”, “love is kind”, etc.  These hearts would be perfect for the centers of large quilt blocks.

I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, so I pieced the blocks from my stash for a scrappy look.  I matched the embroidery colors to the block it was in.  I got most of the embroidery done in February, and it’s a good thing.

In the first week of March, my husband had a great opportunity at work, but it meant we had to move from southern Ontario to South Korea in less than two months.  In between clearing out junk, packing up my house and packing to move a family of six, I worked on the quilt blocks.  I got everything done except joining the blocks together.  In the middle of April, we were on a plane.

We had an allotment of 17 suitcases plus our carry-on luggage for everything we would take.  Into my spare suitcase went the quilt blocks, backing fabric, batting and thread.  I didn’t know what would be available in Korea or how long it would take me to find things.  I couldn’t take my sewing machine because the power is different, and it is VERY heavy.

One of the very first things I did was buy a sewing machine.  I got a cheap model since I know I cannot take it back to Canada with me.  It did the job for joining the blocks, but it wasn’t going to machine quilting.  That meant hand quilting.  I enjoy working by hand, but this was a queen size quilt with a deadline.  I spent every evening and a lot of time during the day working on it.  My kids heard “Don’t get the quilt dirty!” a lot.

I got it done and shipped back to Canada in time for my parents’ anniversary (just barely).  I know it’s not perfect, and quilters will see all the points that don’t line up perfectly, but it was made with a lot of love.  I know they like it too.


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