kids' clothes


Is it technically re-gifting if you make something, intending for it to be a gift for someone else, and then decide to keep it?

In the summer, I found a great pattern for a twirly-skirt on  (As a side note, this is a great site for patterns, especially if you are living overseas, because they are all e-patterns.)

I made a skirt for my 10-year-old daughter (G1), and it turned out great.  I thought I would make skirts for my sister’s 4yo and 2yo, because what little girl doesn’t like twirly skirts?  I began making one, but when I pressed it, the seams fell apart.  I don’t know what happened – maybe my iron was too hot or bad thread, but it was almost like the thread melted.  I was disappointed, and stuck it in the back of a closet.  I may get to it again.  Someday.

Then I got some red and white fabric that I thought would look great – almost candy-cane-ish.  Perfect for Christmas.  When I cut it out, I realized that I only had enough fabric for one skirt.  I made it up, and it did look great.  I was planning on going back and getting more fabric for the other skirt, but  just as I was finishing it, my own 2yo daughter (G2) walked by.  Hmmm…..

I think we have a new Christmas outfit.  The sweater is a hand-me-down from Children’s Place.

Don’t worry, I got my nieces something that they’ll like way better than boring old clothes.  Just don’t tell my sister.  I’m sure they’ll get skirts eventually.


2 thoughts on “Re-gifting?

  1. Yah, ’cause I don’t keep tabs on you while you’re away or anything!! G2 looks beautiful in this little outfit. No worries on no skirts for H and J. They will be able to ask you for themselves upon your return! Love you, M


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