December projects

Living overseas for a temporary job makes me look at things differently.  One of these things is how much stuff we accumulate.  Every time my kids want something, I think about our seventeen suitcases we have to take back.  They are not getting any big toys.  We also pared down on clothes, shoes and a lot of other things that seemed to just grow in the closets back home.

It is also helping me with my projects.  I don’t want to take a bunch of UFO’s home with me.  There are enough waiting for me that I packed away before we left.  I am really working hard on finishing things.  It also helps that three of my children are in school full-time now.

These are the projects that I’m working on, and hope to finish this month.

– quilted bag (almost done)
– doll for G2 for Christmas present
– doll clothes for G2’s doll (I know that technically these two should be one item, but I like to be able to cross things off the list)
– Christmas wall quilt
– mat from the class


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