kids' clothes

Not a Christmas dress

Last March, there was a sale at the local fabric store, so I bought some cotton with the plans to make Easter dresses for my girls.  When we moved, the dresses obviously did not get made.  I packed the fabric, however, still thinking that I could make summer dresses.

I started smocking a dress for G2 in August, and finished the project in November.  She is very pleased with it.

I didn’t have enough of the main fabric, so I had to improvise with the accent band at the bottom.  It is smocked with variegated Wildflowers thread from the Caron Collection.

There are three buttons on the back, and I did the button holes by hand since I don’t trust my cheap machine.  When I was doing them, I realized that even though I have done the buttonhole stitch many times, this is the first time that I have actually used it for button holes.

Since it is a high-yoke bodice, the sash doesn’t really line up, but since it is going to be worn by a two-year-old, I am not going to sweat about it not being perfect.  I can’t believe how grown-up she looks in this picture.  My baby is almost gone.


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