A Present for Myself

Here is the completed bag.  I bought a kit for it at a local quilt shop.  It was interesting buying it, because the worker at the shop speaks no English.  She was trying to ask if I knew how to make it, since she didn’t have any English instructions.  I think I told her that I could make it from the pattern without any instructions.  I did go back to the store to check out how the inside of the sample was finished.  It is totally done by hand.  The flowers are appliqued and the border pieced.

One Side:

The Other Side:

It took a bit longer than I anticipated, because I went a bit overboard on the hand-quilting.

I often see women carrying quilted bags  here, and I want to ask about them, but the language barrier pops up.  Carrying this will identify me as a quilter.  My daughter asked me how I can communicate with the women at the quilt shop since I don’t speak Korean and they don’t speak English.  I told her “We both speak quilt.”


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