Korean patchwork

Korean pocket

This is my second Korean patchwork project.  In history, women used to wear these under their Hanbok (traditional clothes worn for over 2000 years.)  They put spices in them for a nice scent.  Over time, they became more decorative, and were worn or carried outside.  They are sometimes hung on the wall as decoration as well.

It is made as a rectangle, and then sewn into this shape with two seams.  I had a great idea for a purse from this design, and I think it would translate into cotton very well.  The small squares are 2 cm wide (about 1 inch if you’re American), so it is about the size of my hand.

After it was made, two holes were made with an awl, and the cord was put through.  The cord is tied at the back to close it.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I really like it.


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