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Korean Quilt Show

When I heard that there was a Korean quilt display downtown, of course I had to go and see it.  It was in a hall in the upper level of a large department store.  When I went in, there were about six women sitting at a table sewing and chatting.  I showed them my camera and indicated that I wanted to take pictures.  They looked at each other and then one said “no”.  I put my camera away and then went to look around.  After a couple of minutes, one of them came over to me and said “pictures okay.”  I’m glad, because the quilts were amazing.

They are not really traditional Korean work, but modern art quilts.

This is a crazy quilt, made with a lot of different types of fabric

close-up of all the detailed trims and stitching

this was intricate applique – the whole thing was about 50 cm (20″) square

This one was really interesting.  Each flower was individually quilted, and then they were joined.
The white spots are actually holes between the flowers.

a wire mesh lamp was covered with the same flowers

close-up of the lamp

the strips in these blocks were about 1 cm (1/2″) wide

a tribute to Alice in Wonderland

everything on the table was hand-made as well, even the snacks and tea set

a quilted bag

My pictures don’t do it justice since I am a quilter, not a photographer, but this will give you a little taste of the beautiful work.  From what I’ve seen, women do most of their work by hand.  I have not seen strip piecing or rotary cutters anywhere, but everything is beautiful


One thought on “Korean Quilt Show

  1. This quilt show looks fabulous and what a unique opportunity you have to be able to see it. It looks like you are really making the best of your time in Korea. Thanks for sharing these amazing works of art! I really enjoyed viewing them.


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