I’m an Animal Surgeon

I had a quick job this weekend that was very serious for all involved.

First, Scruffy needed some plastic surgery.  It seems that his mouth had fallen off, and he needed a new one.  This job was much more difficult than anticipated.  There is some kind of interfacing or webbing in the snout, and I almost couldn’t pull the needle through.  I can easily say that this was the longest time it ever took me to do six stitches.

Here he is recovering from his operation.

And here he is, good as new.

My next patient was Molly, a chocolate lab that my son adopted two years ago.  Molly has been well-loved over those years, and he (yes, Molly is a boy) has some wear and tear to show for it.  This is not Molly’s first surgery.  Molly had some major abdominal gashes, and my assistant surgeons were quite happy to be allowed to “play with the fluffy stuff” that they usually are not allowed to touch.

Some scars are still visible, but they add character.

Molly getting recovery cuddles with B2, his happy owner.

Hopefully these will be the most serious surgeries in our family for a while.


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