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First February Finish

I have finished my first project for February.  This is the vest I made for my Korean patchwork class.  I have to say, I was a little bit disappointed with this project.  It turned out nicely, but I didn’t learn anything new, which is why I am taking the class.

It is constructed in a way that I have not seen before.  The pieces were cut out of pre-quilted fabric, solid blue cotton on both sides.  Then we made bias tape by cutting bias strips from the quilted fabric and pulling the cotton fabric apart, and taking out the batting.  The bias tape was sewn all around the outer edge of the vest pieces.

After each piece was bound, the seams were sewn, and then the seam allowances tacked down.  It is very nicely finished.  The inside looks almost as nice as the outside, but it was VERY time-consuming.  It is a good tv or movie project, since it doesn’t need a lot of concentration.

When construction was finished, I did some free embroidery on the front.  This was fun – like doodling.  My older kids think it needs a lot more – a sun, clouds, house and more animals, but I don’t think I want to invest that much time into it.

My teacher made cuffs to go with it, which G2 thinks are really fun.

Here she is with her new vest.  I also cut out an adult-sized vest, since that’s what everyone else in the class made, but that won’t be completed this month.  I should finish it and give it to my older daughter, since she says that my blog proves that I only make things for the baby.


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