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Korean fashion show

This week in my Korean patchwork class, we just worked on our current projects, and didn’t start anything new.  Our teacher brought a bunch of traditional clothes for us to try on and see the different types of silk and other materials.  Most of these items were made by her.

This is a baby outfit that is worn for a baby’s first birthday celebration, which is usually very large.  It is a bit short on G2 since she just turned 2.  She liked wearing it, but was not too interested in getting her picture taken.

You can see the baby outfit has two front panels which overlap.

This is the inside.  It is fully lined.  The back is one panel, and it is open at the sides.

These are some of the hanbok we got to try on.  It is a sleeveless dress with a short jacket over top.  I am on the right, the woman in the middle is Korean, and on the left is from Costa Rica.  We all live in the same apartment complex.

This is a traditional cover that women wore to work outside in bad weather.  I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that – it’s a silk raincoat.

We see a lot of people wearing traditional clothing since it is Lunar New Year.  This is the biggest holiday of the year.


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