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Just to be fair

I had to make something for G1.  Actually we are going to Australia next week (yeah!!!) and we realized that she has outgrown all but one pair of shorts.  I knew she was running out in the summer, but my strategy was to procrastinate until it was too cold to matter.  Now, however, there are no summer clothes to be found in stores, so she begged me to make her some shorts.  Since she is almost eleven, I know the days of her asking me to make her clothes are very numbered, so I dug out some fabric and made some.  This is actually a pyjama pant pattern made short.  It doesn’t even have an outside leg seam, so it goes together very quickly.  So she has three new pairs of shorts, and she can no longer say that I only make things for G2.

So this is my second finished project for February, and it wasn’t even on my list.  I am almost done quilting my Christmas quilt, but with our trip, the binding will have to be put on in March.  I guess it will have to be a St. Patrick’s Day quilt 🙂


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