Korean patchwork

Pojagi – Korean Wrapping Cloth

I have a project finished in March!  Here is my latest project of Korean patchwork – a pojagi wrapping cloth.  The silk is pieced together with the same overcast stitch that I used in other projects.  It is 36 cm (about 14 inches) square.

It is backed with white silk.  There is a seam all the way around the edge, similar to a pillow, but there is nothing inside, and the front and back are not joined in any other way, so it is not like a quilt.  Traditionally, it is used for wrapping things, like a wedding gift or a family heirloom.

The item is place inside.

The sides are folded around, and it is tied with the attached tie.  What a nice presentation.

The stitching on the attached corner gives me away as a beginner.  This is a common stitch made up of groups of three.  I know what it is supposed to look like, and I certainly need more practice.  I was surprised, since I thought it would be simple.

I missed three classes because of my vacation, so I now have a lot of homework to catch up on.  Here is a peek at the fabric for my next couple of projects.

Half of the class was spent in picking the colours.  Our teacher just brings out piles of fabric and says “pick seven” or “pick three” or however many we need.  Then we find out what we are making.  I won’t tell what these are for just yet – it will be a surprise.


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