Spring Swap

I received my Spring Swap gift.  This was a swap organized by Dutch Sisters.  This is the first swap I have participated in.  My partner was Dawn from Maine.  Dawn primarily knits, so this was her first quilting project.

A beautiful table runner – I love the colours.

The hand-quilting is beautiful.  I have a hard time believing she hasn’t done it before.

She also sent some nice soap, two fat quarters and a little American Girl book with paper dolls and quilt stickers.  G1 quickly claimed that, as she LOVES American Girl.

The only problem is that my current table is too small.  I think I miss my big table the most of everything from Canada.  Well, maybe my dishwasher, but that’s another story.  Let’s just say that with a family of six, if we all ate off of full-sized dinner plates, I don’t think they would all fit on the table at once.  Dinners are very crowded.  When we get back home, this table runner will be the perfect size.

Thanks, Dawn!


2 thoughts on “Spring Swap

  1. Dawn from Maine has never quilted before? Wow! It’s beautiful! I love the colours, too! I’ve made a lot of things, all of it involving hand sewing but I do my quilting by machine. You and your sewing have always been inspiring but this blog lit a fire under me to try hand quilting with my most recent project which was a queen-sized quilt. I borrowed my Mom’s frame, set it up and discovered in about 2 stitches that it’s not at all for me. It made me very glad the batting came in one big sheet because it meant that quilting wasn’t strictly necessary. I did as much as I could by machine and that was it. The very brief experience made me appreciate your vast talent more than I already did! Kudos to anyone who’s got the patience! 🙂


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