Korean patchwork

Silk Purse (not out of a sow’s ear)

Here is my silk purse finally finished.  This was my latest project in my traditional Korean patchwork class.  Korean patchwork is usually made with lots of bright colours, especially primary colours, but my teacher also had a nice sample made with a range of neutrals.  I think I will make another one of these.  It looks good and really Korean, and it is easier than it looks.  My oldest daughter really wants this one, and I’m not sure I’m ready to give it away yet.

Here’s a close-up of some of the stitching detail.  I am definitely getting better at the triple back stitch.  It is also much easier with this different thread.

I learned how to make these little flower tassels that go on the ends of the ties.  They would be a cute accent on a little girl’s dress.

It is fully lined in white silk and all done by hand, except for the handles.  They are heavy interfacing covered with silk, and my teacher sewed the silk onto the interfacing by machine for us, since it is quite stiff and heavy.

Hope you like it.  I have a few good Korean friends that I wanted to make gifts for before I go home to Canada.  I was thinking bags might be nice.  Should I make a traditional Korean design, or a western design?


One thought on “Silk Purse (not out of a sow’s ear)

  1. That bag is really beautiful! I love the colors. Your stitches are perfect. And I think this little bag in the korean design would be perfect gifts for your friends when you get back home to Canada.


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