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Traditional Korean Patchwork – session 3

I registered for my third session of Korean patchwork today.  My teacher was very excited about it.  I think she wants to teach me everything about Korean patchwork before I head back to Canada.  So far, I am the only one registered as the other students in my current class are not taking the next session.  When I asked my teacher how many students she needed, she said she would teach it even if I was the only one.  Talk about pressure to get your homework done!  I was shocked, but pleased.  I want to learn as much as I can since I probably won’t have this chance again.

My teacher made Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) for many years and now teaches traditional Korean patchwork and sewing at many cultural centres around the city.  She speaks English, but we often use our Korean/English dictionaries in class.  She teaches me Korean words and I teach her English.

The class is located in the local cultural centre, which is the third floor of our local department store – Home Plus.  It seems to be a meeting place for people.  There are mom & tot classes, kids music and art classes as well as many classes for adults – crafts, cooking, exercise.  Right next to it is a kids play place.  Kids can be dropped off and supervised at the indoor playground – $4 for 2 hours.  Often on Friday mornings, G2 is the only one, so she gets a lot of attention from the workers.  She is learning a lot of Korean, and knows how to ask for her juice.  When there are other children, she enjoys making new friends.


One thought on “Traditional Korean Patchwork – session 3

  1. Lots of really neat things in this post — your next session of patchworking and the community center and G2 learning Korean! Wow! What a wonderful opportunity for your family. You’ve really made the best of being in a foreign place.


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