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Something for me

I have not really purchased any clothes in the last year.  Shopping for yourself with four children along is not fun in any country, let alone one where it is hard to find anything over a size 10.  I have had friends that have been stopped at the door of stores and not allowed in since they are “too large”.  If the sales clerk doesn’t think it will fit you, she will probably refuse to let you even try it on, and certainly won’t let you buy it.  One of my friends was trying on a shirt off the rack, and the sales clerk literally grabbed it out of her hands and said “you too large” while hanging it back up.

When I was in Australia, I bought some fabric to make myself a skirt.  Skirts are quick and easy to make, and usually a bit more forgiving in the fit than pants or shirts so if I make something, it will probably be a skirt.  After my trip, my parents sent me a shirt that was almost the exact same colour.  Wow, a whole new outfit!

Here it is.  I like the flared style.  It is comfortable enough to wear casually, but easily dresses up.  Now I just have to see if I can find nice sandals to fit.  When I get home, I am definitely going on a shopping spree.


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