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Summer Dress

I finished a little summer dress for G2.  When I was working on it, I tried it on to check the length and fit.  She refused to take it off and we went to meet the school bus with her still wearing it.  It had not been hemmed, so there were loose threads hanging from the bottom, and there were not buttons on it, so it couldn’t be fastened closed, but she sure liked it.

The top of the skirt has smocking, but I am not sure that it adds anything to the dress.  It doesn’t look bad, it’s just not as special as a dress with a smocked bodice.

Today she actually stood still long enough for me to do “pretty hair.”  She gets a lot of attention in a country where everyone has straight black hair.  I know she would be cute anywhere, but I’m sure if we were working in the Netherlands or Sweden she wouldn’t have people stopping her on the street to take her picture.  She will probably have a bit of culture shock when we get back to Canada.  Here she thinks she’s a princess.

I tried to take a picture of the back of the dress, but she wouldn’t cooperate.  I’ll have to wait until I take it off her to get a picture.


3 thoughts on “Summer Dress

  1. Very cute, both the dress and the model. 🙂 I agree, not 100% sure the smocking is necessary, esp. since she seems to love it as is!! That said, when is a little girl too old for smocking?


    1. Please forgive the braincramp with my earlier post. I read your note too quickly and didn’t clue in until this reread that some smocking had already been done. My 1st sentence can stay, ignore the rest. 🙂


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