Baby Afghan

Although sewing and quilting are my favourites, I also enjoy knitting and crocheting.  Actually, there is almost no type of handcraft that I haven’t tried at least once.  Even as a child, I always liked to “make stuff”.

When we were in Australia, I found Lincraft – a big craft store full of kits, fabric, yarn, home dec items and almost anything else I could want.  There is nothing like that in Korea, so I spent a bit of time just wandering around in a daze trying to decide what would be worth the small space available in my suitcase.  I could not resist the wonderful balls of yarn.  It had been over a year since I made anything with yarn and I just love seeing all the great colours lined up on the shelves.  I bought some white, pink and a bamboo crochet hook.  I didn’t have a pattern, but that’s not usually a problem with afghans.  I justified the purchase because even though it took up space, it was not heavy.

Last month, I finally began.  A friend here is having a baby girl, so it was a perfect gift.  It’s not too big, just the right size for a crib or a car seat.

The yarn was baby-weight yarn, so I used two strands with a 5 mm crochet hook.  It is a traditional wave pattern with blocks of 3 double crochets.

The stripe effect was made by using two strands of pink, a strand of pink with a strand of white, and two strands of white.  The pink is brighter that it looks in the picture, so the white helps tone it down a bit.  It was fun to do, and a nice break from other things.  I think I got my yarn fix for the year now.

I hope mom and baby get good use from it.


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