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Another outfit

I finished another outfit for G2.  It is made out of pink gingham, using the “Boy’s Romper” pattern from you can make this . com. When I first got the pattern and flipped through it, it looked pretty complicated since the romper is fully lined.  When I went back and read it carefully, it was quite simple.  Since it is a e-pattern, it is full of colour pictures.   It was another “under an hour” project.  I added some embroidery and applique to dress it up a bit – that’s not included in the hour.

The only thing I wonder about is how in the world did G2 manage to take off her diaper , while leaving the romper on?  I narrowly missed a disaster.

G2 did not cooperate with pictures.  She was happy for me to take a picture of her, just didn’t care about the outfit.  Hopefully you can see it okay.


One thought on “Another outfit

  1. Hi – I found your blog when searching for stuff about quilting and sewing in Korea. I perused a few of the entries and it was fun to see the projects you’re working on. I’m moving to Anyang, south of Seoul in September from Seattle – although I’m Canadian too! I’m taking a sabbatical from my work while my husband teaches English. I’d like to find folks who know of resources/classes/connections related to quilting since I’m hoping to spent a significant portion of my ‘year off’ learning and sewing. Your blog is encouraging to read.



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