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It is funny the things that you miss living overseas.  Often the things I miss are not the things I thought I would miss.  I have to admit, we are in Korea in very good circumstances.  We have a fully-furnished 4-bedroom apartment that has more square footage than our house at home.  Everything was new when we walked in the door.

The only problem that I have is the dining room table.  Nothing is wrong with it except the size.  It comfortably seats 2, you can squeeze 4, but we have six people in our family.  If everyone ate off full-sized dinner plates, they wouldn’t all fit at once.

We have extended our contract for another six months, so I had resigned myself to a small table for the rest of the year.  Then I heard that one of the families that is not extending was selling a second-hand table.  The price was right, so I got it.

You can see it doesn’t totally match, but it greatly increases our eating area.  This is especially important since grandparents are coming to visit.  I had been wondering if we would have to eat on the floor, Korean-style.

One table is about 1/2 cm higher than the other, so I needed a way to blend them together.  So I made a tablecloth.

Much better with room for all.  Now if only the chairs matched …


One thought on “Tablecloth

  1. I love how you expanded your space, solved your problem and made your dining area so pretty all at the same time.

    And, six more months? You are so brave and are making the best of the situation. I so admire you for that!

    xo -E


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