Korean patchwork

Pojagi Table Runner

This is my latest Korean patchwork project, a pojagi table runner.  The shapes of the pieces are very traditional.  The colours remind me of fall, which I hope will get here soon.  It has been in the low to mid thirties, with high humidity.  Some trees here change colour, but not as much as they do in Canada.

The piece is 17″ by 23″ (43 cm x 58 cm) and the piecing is done by hand with an overcast stitch.  Contrasting thread is chosen on purpose, since the stitching is an important part of the design.  It was very difficult for me to start this since my teacher just gave me some pieces of silk, showed me a sample and gave general measurements and then said “do it”.  Basically I just cut random pieces and sewed them together into rows, which was fun once I got started, but the first couple of pieces were a bit intimidating.

Since I was hand-piecing, I had to remember that the pieces had to line up as I went.  With machine-piecing it is easy to sew pieces of different lengths, knowing that I can just “even it out” with the rotary cutter when I’m done the strip.  Unfortunately, you can’t just  chop off the end of hand-stitching.

I am working on another project, which is the first project I have done without the supervision of my Korean teacher.  It is turning out nicely, and I should be done soon.  Also my teacher has another project ready for me when I start my next session in two weeks.  I can’t remember the Korean name, but she translated it “windows of Catholic church”.  Quilters should be able to figure out what it is.


3 thoughts on “Pojagi Table Runner

    1. One side of the piece will show one line of stitching and the other will show two lines. I don’t differentiate between a “front” and “back”, so in a finished piece, the seams will be mixed up. I will take some close-up pictures and post them to explain.


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