Back to School

My three big kids are back to school today.  They go to a great British international school here, so they have friends from all around the world.  In G1’s class, when they talk about geography, they always ask “Who’s been there?”  Usually there’s someone.  Last year there were 10 kids in her class, and they represented 9 different countries.  The only problem with that is that they have all these places that they want to visit now, including New Zealand, India and Norway.

G1 wanted a messenger bag for school, so I made her one in pink and green with a great tutorial from mmmcrafts.  I hope it’s big enough to hold all her homework.  She is in Year 7 (Canadian grade 6), so I’m sure she’ll be working hard.  The tutorial for the bag was great and it was pretty quick to make.

She didn’t want me to applique anything onto the flap for fear it would look “too quilty.”

I also made re-usable lunch bags for all of them.  They are just made out of cotton, not vinyl, so we’ll have to see how they hold up to daily use.  I made three each for the boys and two for G1, since I figured they will need frequent washing.

The boys’ bags fasten with a snap inside

and velcro outside.

I hope it’s not too complicated for them to close again.  We did have a couple practice sessions.

G1’s just closes with  fabric-covered elastic at the top, kind of like a scrunchie for anyone else who’s old enough to remember those.

Her bag is bigger than the boys, but she could barely close it today.  When I asked her what was in there, she said “an apple, a peach, a plum, a plastic container with six pieces of French toast, another container with nuts and raisins, carrot sticks, a brownie and chocolate milk.”  I think  hope she’s going through a growth spurt.

The bags are just a skinnier version of my market bags without handles.


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