Korean patchwork

Reversible Pojagi Placemats

Here is the first pojagi placemat that I did totally independently.  I bought the fabric at the market and used a very simple design.  I realized afterward that white may not be the best colour for placemats, but I am interested to see how this fabric stands up to regular use and washing.

This is one side:

and this is the other:

The seams are similar to, but not exactly like, felled seams so there are not open seam allowances.  I took some pictures so I can do a tutorial on this technique. This is the same technique that I used for my red and green table runner, and since I did not have to match any corners, it was much more enjoyable.

Here is a close-up of the stitches.  Side one:

side two:

I have two placemats finished.  I’m not sure if I have enough fabric to make four more, so I might only make two more and then give them as a gift.  I’m sure other colour combinations would look nice as well.


One thought on “Reversible Pojagi Placemats

  1. welcome to the pojagi yahoo group. we haven’t been a very active group. maybe you can stimulate some activity. I like your pojagi placemats and your tutorial. beautiful little stitches.


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