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Bits and Pieces

I have been doing lots of sewing, but not much blogging.  Here is a new dress for G2.  It is big enough that it can easily be used as a jumper when the weather gets cooler.

This is another dress made with the Precious Dress pattern by Carla C from  I adapted it by adding a ruffle at the collar and bottom of the skirt.  I used a bit too much fabric in the ruffle, so the result was a little more “clownish” than I had originally intended.  I really like the pink fabric, and it was nice to work with, but it is not my favourite dress.  G2 loves it, however and calls it her “pincess” dress.  I am sure that if I stuck to the pattern, I would have liked it better, but that’s how you learn.

I also made another tablecloth.  I really like the colours in it.

I got some fabric to make some pants for B2.  He destroys pants, so I just can’t justify spending $20 on a pair that will have holes in the knees within a month.  I can’t find pants with extra padding in the knees for any price here, so I will have to make some.  For $30 I got enough fabric to make him five pairs.  Hopefully I get them done before the cold weather – he’s still wearing shorts right now.

These are the colours.  The yellow and orange look brighter in the picture than they do in real life.  I hope they don’t turn out too girly.  Not that he would care, but his older brother would bug him.

I’m using another Ottobre pattern, so I had to do some more tracing.  Here’s what the patterns look like:

All the patterns for the magazine are printed on about six pages in different colours.  It is sometimes tricky to find your size line, but the patterns are nice once they are traced.


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