Korean patchwork

Wrapping Cloth

My latest Korean patchwork project is a traditional wrapping cloth.

These are used to wrap gifts or family heirlooms.  Fancy ones are used for special occasions like weddings, but even for everyday, people often carry things tied up in fabric.  This one is made of silk.

When open, it kind of looks like a kite.

To use, lay the item on the inner fabric.  Here is our treasured Magic Tree House book : )  (Actually, it’s the first thing I grabbed that was about the right size for this cloth.  Cloths come in many sizes.)

Fold in the sides.

Fold up the end (kind of like a fajita).

Fold down the corner with the tie last.

The tie goes through the heart.

Finished and ready for presentation.

This little accent on the tie is called “kee ro gee” which is Korean for wild goose.  Of course, I had to draw a picture for my teacher to show her what flying geese are.

Here are my fabrics for my next project – a pillow.  Again, it’s made from traditional colours – very bright.


One thought on “Wrapping Cloth

  1. Hi: I have been following your handiwork ever since you started this posting on this blog and am enjoying it immensely. You have always been good at working with your hands and your progress with silk is wonderful. It must be such fun to use, even if it is a bit tricky. I love the colours – they are so rich and vibrant. It’s also a good way to see the kids 😉


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