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Yesterday I had my Korean sewing class.  I am still working on my latest project, so I was just going to visit and sew, not really to learn anything new.  When everyone had arrived, my teacher pulled out two big bags and put them on the table and said “This is for you to have.  Take what you want.”  she proceeded to dump out piles of scraps she had from her stash.  She has been sewing for fifty years and saves everything, so I can imagine she still has lots left for herself.

These scraps are mainly silks of different weights from sewing traditional Korean clothing.  Here it is, my “insta-stash”.

She gave us a little lesson on the difference between winter silk, summer silk and spring silk and showed us what is traditionally used for linings.

My mind is now reeling with ideas for new projects, and now I have lots of pieces to practice new techniques on.  So far I have not tried sewing with the silk on my machine since my machine is not very good, but I might give it a try with some of these pieces.

It looks like lots of people will be getting things made out of silk for Christmas.

I have also started another project.  It has been a while since I have made an actual quilt.  I have an idea for one that is inspired by the Korean patchwork.  I have not seen anything like this here.  Quilt stores tend to be “country” in style, and other than the fact they measure everything in centimeters, patterns look like traditional American patterns.  Here are the colours for my Pojagi Inspirations” quilt.


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