Pojagi Inspirations Quilt

I had a cutting marathon and got all the pieces cut for my Pojagi Inspirations quilt.  That will probably be all the cutting for a while, since I have to get a new blade for my rotary cutter and they are not available here.  I can get another when I go home at Christmas.  If only I had an Accuquilt Go! (sigh).  Maybe Santa will come through since he has been working lots of overtime this year …

I tried to use traditional colours – bright solids.  I had a few choices, and asked G1 to pick five.  She chose purple, red, turquoise, orange and a bright yellow/green.  It should look great when it’s done.  I think she assumes that because she picked the colours the finished quilt will be hers.  We’ll have to see.  It should be the right size for a single bed.


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