Korean patchwork

“Windows of Catholic Church” Pillow

I don’t know much about textile history, so I can’t tell you if this design originated in Asia and moved to the west, or if originated in the west.  Since the Korean name translated into English is “windows of Catholic church”, I am guessing that it originated in Europe, but that is only a guess.  What I do know is that it has been in Korea a long time, and this is my rendition of Cathedral Windows in silk.  The bright colours are very traditional.

The windows are made in the same way that I’ve always seen Cathedral windows done – no special Korean secrets.

The accent stitching is backstitch in groups of three, a traditional Korean embellishment.  It’s also another stitch that is harder than it looks.  Getting all the stitches and spaces uniform took more effort than I anticipated.

The back of the pillow I did in the traditional Pojagi way.  I took scraps (from my new-to-me stash) and sewed them together to get the size I wanted.  I did this by machine, so it was quite quick.

Now my mind is spinning with possibilities of Cathedral Windows.  It’s a pattern I have always wanted to try, but never got around to it.  With the option of other colours peeking through from the bottom, there are a lot of possibilities.  Maybe in black with jewel-tone windows…

How come each project I finish adds about three to my to-do list?


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