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Ruffled A-line Skort

Here is another cute little thing I made for G2.  She loves to wear dresses, but they are not always easy for toilet training.  With this, she can easily pull it down.

When I got the pattern in the mail, G1 said “The person who made this doesn’t know how to spell.  She spelled ‘skirt’ with an ‘o'”.  But look – it has built in shorts.  It’s a skort!

If I was making it with winter-weight material, I would probably leave off the shorts and just make a skirt.  In colder climates, she’ll probably have tights on anyway, but for spring and summer the shorts are great.  This is especially nice in Korea, since almost anywhere she goes, she will be sitting on the floor.

She loves the pockets, and the fabric (which I just realized is hard to see in the pictures) goes will with lots of different colours.  This pattern is from Cindy, an independent designer.  I had been reading her blog for a while and loved her patterns, but G1 was too big and G2 was too small.  Finally I realized that G2 would fit, so I ordered the pattern.  This is the smallest size, so I’ll be able to use it for a while.  It is great to be able to get products like this and support other moms at the same time.  Cindy seems like a sweet lady and someone that I would likely be friends with in real life.

These pictures have nothing to do with sewing, but we got a hand-me-down London Fog rain coat and I think it’s adorable.


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