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One last October Project

You guessed it.  Oct 30 I decided that I should start on my sons’ Halloween costumes.  G2 had a borrowed costume and G1 was doing it herself, so I just had to worry about the boys.

B1 was easy – a mummy.  Take old sheet – rip, rip, rip, done.  Thank goodness I kept that old sheet that got ripped.  I actually had it in the garbage last month and then took it out thinking it may come in handy.  Living overseas has taught me a lot about hoarding .  Things become less valuable when you have to consider shipping them around the world.

Here he is doing a little taekwondo.  Apparently mummies can’t stay wrapped and do taekwondo at the same time.  Sorry, wordpress won’t let me turn for some reason, so you’ll have to tip your head or your computer.

B2 was a bit more complicated.  I made his costume out of orange felt.  I drafted six pieces for height and width and sewed them together.

Here’s G2.  I didn’t make her costume.  This is inside before we went out.  I think she’s a bit hot.

Halloween is not really celebrated here, although stores are trying to encourage buying costumes and candy.  Since there are so many Canadians in our apartment complex, we got permission to trick-or-treat here.  We opened it to our Korean neighbours as well.  Children signed up ahead of time, and everyone got together for pictures at the beginning.  People just sat in the lobbies of the buildings to give out candy, so there were no children running around inside.  There are twelve buildings here so it probably took about half an hour to hit all of them.  We were done by six, and everyone got to bed early!


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