Korean patchwork

Latest Korean patchwork

I started a new project in my Korean sewing class yesterday.  (No, I haven’t finished my last project, but I will be soon.)  It is pretty small, so it should finish up pretty quickly.  My teacher also showed us some small items that would be PERFECT as Christmas ornaments (even though Koreans typically don’t have trees or decorate for Christmas.)  Hopefully I can make a few of those.  This time of year I always want to start a bunch of Christmas projects, but I am trying to stay self-disciplined this year.  I definitely won’t do what I did last year, and start a quilt that will be finished at Easter.

G2 is being very uncooperative these days and is starting to give up her afternoon nap.  Not only is she not sleeping, but for some reason in the afternoons she goes into destruction mode.  She goes around throwing books off of shelves, unfolding laundry, and basically making a nuisance of herself.  That used to be my sewing time, so my productivity has decreased significantly.  Oh well.

Here’s what I’m using for my new project.  I won’t say what it is, but see if you can guess.  It is small and utilitarian.  I’ve never made one before – in fact, I’ve never thought about making one before.  The fabrics used are silk and hemp.

Here is a close-up with a pencil to show you the scale of what I’ve done so far.  It is not part of the project.

Any guesses?


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