Korean patchwork

Pojagi-style Bag

Wow!  Half-way through the month and this is my first finish.  My productivity has really been affected by G2 giving up her nap.  There are three days off school this week.  I don’t think that will help.

Here is my pojagi-style bag.  My teacher has a bag like this that I have admired for a long time, so asked for it as a project.  She basically just gave me the materials and said “Go do it.”  It is made from a heavy cotton fabric.  It is the weight of twill, but much softer.  It also uses a thick sewing thread, about the size of #12 perle cotton.  I used the same technique, but it was quite different doing pojagi style stitching with the heavier-weight materials.  This has gotten me curious about doing the technique with other cottons, since this is the opposite end of the spectrum from summer-weight silk, and it is a pretty big range in between that I haven’t tried.

The reverse of the bag has a different pattern.

It has a square bottom which I quilted for extra strength.  I tried a bit of quilting on the sides of the bag, but I took it out because I didn’t like the look.  The pojagi stitching is already visible, so to add quilting stitches was too much.  Perhaps if it was pieced by machine, it would be okay.

The handle is a purchased leather handle.  I love it.

The bag is lined with the fabric with the same fabric that I used to make G2’s skort.  I love this fabric, but I’m almost out.  I think I’ll get some more.  G2 was very excited when I was working on it and kept saying “It’s my skirt!”


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