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New Pants for the Birthday Boy

I finally finished the last two pairs of pants for B2.  They have been sitting partly finished by my sewing machine since September.  I procrastinated on them partly because they are “utility sewing” and not “fun sewing”, and partly because G2 has not been cooperating with my sewing time.  Last week I tried to do a bit of sewing, and she was playing happily.  I could hear her singing in the living room, just out of sight.  When I went to check on her, she had gotten out a stick of butter and was playing with it on the coffee table, like a cross between play dough and finger painting.  She thought it was great fun, and I had a very shiny coffee table for a couple of days.  I am tending to do more hand sewing, since it’s easier to keep an eye on her.

B2 turned six last week, so I made him some cookies to take to his class at school.  He showed his creative side when he was picking out cookie cutters.  He picked up an ice cream cone cutter, turned it upside down and said “Look, it’s a birthday party kid.”  I thought that was a great idea, so that’s what he got.  He also wanted gingerbread cookies, but molasses is pretty hard to come by here, so he got sugar cookies with a bit of cocoa in them to make them brown.

The only problem with making cookies for his class is that his brother’s birthday is in twelve days, so I will have to do it again for him.  I know they’re spoiled, but they’re still my little boys.  B2 just gave me a card that says “IL Love you for evre.  You ar My mom.”  How cute is that?


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