Korean patchwork

Kee Chew-Mo-Ni

Here it is – a Kee Chew-Mo-Ni.  What is a “Kee Chew-Mo-No”?  Good Question.  It is another attempt at writing a Korean word with English phonics.  “Chew-Mo-Ni” is the word for a traditional pocket, or little purse that would be carried historically or when dressed in traditional clothing.  I made a different style of chew-mo-ni about a year ago.  “Kee” is the Korean word for ear.  So literally translated, this is an “ear pocket”, named because of the “ears” that stick out on the bottom of the bag.

Traditionally this style would have been used by men to carry coins or tobacco.  All the Canadians in my sewing class were joking about making them for our husbands for Christmas.  I’m pretty sure my husband wouldn’t use it : ) but I found some beautiful pink and yellow silk in the scraps I inherited from my teacher.  I know two little girls in Canada that I think would like them, so there is another project on my list.  Luckily it’s a pretty quick project.


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