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Pillow Swap

My pillow arrived all the way from South Africa, and I can’t believe it.  It is a crazy-quilt pillow in blues and greens, covered in embellishments.


Every time I look at it, I notice something new.

There is machine embroidery and hand embroidery.

There are buttons and beads.

It made me want to sit right down and make a crazy quilt.  I love it!  Thanks so much to Karin.  I know I will treasure it.















4 thoughts on “Pillow Swap

  1. Hi Elizabeth! I am so glad it arrived safely! I do hope you like it! I agree, it was my first ceazy patch project and I am definitely not done! The bug bit me bad!
    Kind regards from a sunny South Africa!


  2. Hi Elizabeth, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and recently started blogging myself. I hope you’re going to keep posting, I miss your updates on your sewing! I haven’t found many sewers in Korea, seems everyone knits.


  3. Thank you so much for my lovely prize! We were away when it arrived. We spend Christmas at my mums beach house and stay there for a few weeks. Now I can’t wait for next Christmas so we can display your beautiful handiwork. The kids were talking after they saw it, about how special it was because not only was it handmade but handmade by someone in Korea. We are traveling to Korea in April and at the moment anything ‘Korean’ is very special to them. Looking forward to reading more about your sewing adventures in Korea in 2011.



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