Settling Back

I’m back from my whirlwind trip to Canada and am settling back into a routine.  I managed to complete a few projects, even with the travel.  While in Canada, I got the knitting bug out of my system and made a new scarf.

It is made with chunky yarn and big needles in garter stitch, so it was a pretty quick project.  It matches my new coat too.

I originally started the scarf wider, and when I realized that I really didn’t want it that wide, I didn’t want to take out what I had done already.  I couldn’t decide what to do until my mom suggested that it would be a good doll blanket for G2’s new baby.  Perfect!  I did a few more rows and cast off to make a doll blanket just the right size for my newly-turned three year old.  (Also, I can count another project for January, so that’s good, too.)

While in Canada, I stayed at my parents’ home.  They just happen to live across the street from one of the largest fabric stores in the county, so you know I had to go.  I picked up some fabrics to make quilts for my boys.  My New Years’ Resolution is to make quilts this year for each of my children.  If I get the tops done in Korea, I can finish them in Canada on my nice sewing machine.  Here is what I got for my boys:

It is some pre-cut squares in a range of blues and greens with some brown, black and gold thrown in.  I also bought some yardage to add to the squares.  I am planning on doing scrappy light/dark half – square triangle blocks and doing two different layouts for the two boys.  I am excited about it, but I am not letting myself start until I get more done on the other quilts I have started.  I made a schedule to show how much I have to do each month to get them all done by May.  Hopefully I can, it may depend on if G2 cooperates during sewing time.  Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Settling Back

  1. I love your blog, Beth, and hope that you keep it up when you move home. Back to the ‘county’. That was a typo, right? I’ve not done as much as I should be doing but your writing inspires me. I hemmed a pair of jeans earlier this week and the simple measuring required reminded me of the only math I enjoy. Sewing math is like no other! LOL


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