Korean patchwork

More Kee-Chew-Mo-Nis

I really like this little pouch.  It is simple to put together as long as you are careful in the folding.  I made two more for my nieces, the guests at G2’s birthday tea party.  There were no treats inside, the treat was the actual bag.  I’m sure my sister was upset that they didn’t get a bunch of candy. (ha ha)

They are made with pieces of silk from the stash I inherited from my teacher.  It is actually the same fabric, but I reversed it for one.  I’m not even sure which side would be the “right” side – they both look good to me.  The lining is plain yellow silk.

I did not have any of the Korean knots with me to use as a handle, so I got some ribbon.  It looks good, but in hindsight, narrower ribbon without the things on the edge would have been much easier to use.

Here’s G2 at the tea party with her cousins:


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