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To Market, To Market

I’ve had a busy sewing week, but most has been done by hand.  The problem with that is that if I show update pictures every day, it would get pretty boring since progress is slow.  So, no progress pictures today, but I’m almost finished a few items, so I should have some soon.  The exciting thing today is that I went to Seomun market in Daegu.  To get there from the door of my house is the better part of three hours, but it has a HUGE fabric market.  It was just me and G1, so that is always fun travelling without a toddler or little boys saying “Do we have to look at fabric?”

I know some of the fabric I purchased will be shipped back to Canada since I won’t get to it here, but I’m assuming the Korean fabric will be hard to get there.  Anyway, my project wishlist has just about doubled, but I will not start anything new until I finish some things.  I promise.

This market is like most Korean markets – busy and crowded.  Some aisles are less than 24 inches (60 cm) wide.  There is a building with two floors of stalls that make custom hanbok (traditional Korean clothes).  There were so many beautiful outfits I can’t imagine how people decide.  You can also buy fabric, since it is around in rolls for people to choose for their outfits.  I asked the price of a hanbok from one vendor and it was about US$300.  Considering it’s a custom-made, floor-length silk dress with a jacket, I thought that was a reasonable price.

If you want lace or trim, there are stores and booths that sell only that.

There are also booths that sell only buttons, but I didn’t get any pictures.

Of course the fabric was all neatly organized and displayed.  Just joking.  The silk and a few booths with wool were nicely displayed, but most was large stacks on tables or rolls randomly standing on the floor.  Not pretty, but most cotton is under US$5 per yard.



One thought on “To Market, To Market

  1. Oh, very interesting! I never heard of that market before. Even though all these fabric markets have huge quantities and great prices, it really is so hard to shop. There’s too much to choose from and none of it is organized for people to browse through it. Whenever I shop for fabric, the vendors all ask me “What are you looking for?” If I knew what I was looking for, they could get it for me, but really I’m just browsing and they’re not set up for that.


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