life in Korea

Stocking Up

Here are all the things I got at the market.

Fabric for G2’s quilt.  I just need pink – the one colour they didn’t have.  Then I will have all the fabric I need for quilts for all four kids.  Now I just need time when I can sit at the sewing machine with my back to G2 without a disaster happening …

Here’s more ramie fabric.  I don’t have any particular plans at this time, I just liked the colours.  I’m assuming this will be hard to find or expensive in Canada, so I am sending a stash home.

Korean silk.  Ditto to the ramie, except probably a bit easier to find in Canada.

Two odd pieces of summer silk that the vendor threw in when I bought the other silk and ramie.  That is quite a common practice here.  I have even had people throw things in at the grocery store.

Here’s some heavy-weight cotton for another bag.  G1 has already tried to claim it.

Very exciting fabric.  Navy that you can’t even see in the picture for a skirt for G1 and heavy white cotton.

A few odds and ends – silk pins, pojagi needles, another hera and some rick-rack.  I got the book Sewing with Whimsy for Christmas, so rick-rack was a must.


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