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Snow Day

It’s not very often that my weather makes international news, but this week it did.  Korea was hit with the biggest snowfall that has ever been recorded.  My kids got two days off from school, and on the third day back the bus was one hour late to school because of traffic delays.  I feel bad for the bus driver.

This is a view from our window the day after the snowfall.  By now, we’ve had over twelve hours to clear the snow, but it takes a long time since there is not much equipment here.  In the area we live, they rarely get snow, so why would anyone have a plow or a shovel?  It is funny to see snow being cleared with backhoes and front end loaders.

This is our balcony railing.

The weather is a lot warmer now, and the snow will probably be gone by the weekend.  It was a nice taste of Canada, but I won’t complain when it gets back to ten degrees.


3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Those are great pictures! I especially like the two at street level. G2’s coat is so pretty and B2 looks like he’s dancing. I bet the kids had a wonderful time for a few days. We’re going to get the 10 degrees here for the next couple of days and then back to cold and more snow – you know what it’s like 😦


  2. I was so surprised when I saw that on the news, BBC International, since we didn’t get any in Seoul at that time. Overall it has been a very snowy winter here though, and I’m always surprised to see public workers cleaning the streets with snow shovels and people clearing the sidewalks with brooms. Even though it snows quite a bit, they don’t seem to have enough of the right equipment and they clear it the hard way.

    Like your other commenter, I also noticed your daughter’s coat–very cute.


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