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Pojagi Inspirations Quilt

I am still working on my Pojagi Inspirations quilt.  Pojagi is full of bright colours and simple geometric shapes.  The quilt is made up of 12″ blocks.  Originally I was going to make 35 blocks and lay out 7 x 5 for a bed-sized quilt.  After laying the blocks out, it was way too busy.  There was nowhere for your eyes to rest; it definitely needed sashing.  After laying it out with a few different fabrics that I had on hand, I decided to go with the bright green.  I also decided it was big enough.  This won’t be a bed quilt, it will probably be a sit on the couch watching tv quilt, and I can’t imagine having a room that would match it.

Since I’m now done the blocks, I should be done the quilt top soon.  Then I can get going on my four kids’ quilts.  My goal is to have all five quilt tops done before we leave Korea, so I can move and then do the quilting back in Canada with my good machine.


4 thoughts on “Pojagi Inspirations Quilt

  1. This is just lovely. I didn’t know you quilted by machine, I thought you were a hand quilter. I like the colours and pattern. It will make a lovely ‘couch quilt’.


    1. I really love hand quilting, and I’m not very good at machine quilting, but if I’m going to finish five quilts in one year at least four of them have to be done by machine or I’ll never have the time.


  2. Elizabeth, that is just amazing! I love what you’ve done. The colors are so pretty and the geometric design is fascinating. The green sashing will be just the ticket. Beautifully done!

    xo -El


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