Korean patchwork

Korean boot

My Korean sewing teacher just realized that we are leaving this spring, and this time it won’t be extended (like the last three times).  She is now panicking with projects trying to get me to do as much as I can in the next few months.  That means a new project every week, even though I’m not finished and getting behind.  This week, however was a small project – a key fob.

This design is based on a traditional Korean boot, kind of like a slipper.  Today when women wear hanbok, they have shoes with silk and embroidery on them like this.

But in the past they were softer, more like a sock.  Here is my boot, only it is just 3cm tall.  It might fit on my big toe, but that would be tight.

Ornaments like this are very common and boots are a traditional shape.  People hang them on their cell phones since they often don’t carry keys.  It is not unusual for people to have four or five (especially teen-age girls).

This one is hand-stitched with a decorative stitch around the edge that is like a long, overlapped cross stitch.

I’d better get cracking on my other projects before my class on Friday.


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