Korean patchwork

I heart Pojagi

Here is my latest piece of Korean patchwork, a large pojagi mat.  It is about 21″ square (53 cm).  I started this before Christmas, so I am glad to see it finished.  Working with triangles is difficult because of the bias edge.  Silk stretches on the bias like any other fabric, so that was my learning objective with this piece.

The piece of embroidery in the middle of the heart was purchased.  I did not embroider it.  Korean traditional embroidery is a whole different field that I have not entered.  All the piecing, however, was hand-stitched.

The stitching around the border is both functional and decorative.  It is back stitch in groups of three through both the front and back layers of the fabric.  It keeps them together like the quilting in American quilts.  This is one of those stitches that turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated.  Certainly it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to back stitch in groups of three with tiny spaces between the stitches and larger spaces between the groups, keeping everything uniform.  Surprisingly difficult.  Luckily I get to choose what part to display in a close-up, so I get to pick a part that is decent.


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