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RIP Yamata FY-900

It was a sad, sad day last week.  My sewing machine stopped working.  Nothing I did could fix it, and since we are going to be moving back to Canada in about two months, I couldn’t justify taking it in for professional help.  I bought the machine two years ago for under $100, and have used it a lot, so it doesn’t really owe me anything.  Already the knob for changing the stitch was broken, so I had to use pliers if I wanted to do zigzag.  Besides, I have one of these patiently waiting for me at home:

So, although I am not really mourning the loss of my machine, I do wish it could have given me a bit more time.  When we get back to Canada, we are probably going to homeschool for a year while we adjust and make decisions about jobs, where we’ll be living, etc.  The kids will have enough changes without starting in a new school and then changing schools part-way through the year.  That means I will be working full-time as a teacher as well as all the mom stuff.  Too bad, I was just getting used to having lots of time to myself for things like sewing.  My goal was to have five quilt tops finished before going back to Canada, but that won’t be happening now.  (I’m not attempting to hand piece.)  I guess I’ll just have to do more hand work.

Oh yeah, that’s not a typo.  It actually is a Yamata, not a Yamaha.  I guess this is my first good-bye to a long list of Korean friends.


3 thoughts on “RIP Yamata FY-900

  1. Oh noooo! I get the feeling a lot of these local machines are not very dependable. I bought a Toyota here and it just doesn’t seem as good as my old Kenmore (which is made by Janome).


  2. You mean to say that your brilliant “Mr. Fixit” husband can’t fix a simple sewing machine??? Did G2 get at it and try to sew? I can’t imagine you not having a sewing machine for two months. Going through withdrawal will be tough. Love you more!


  3. I feel your pain! My machine quilt running last summer and I was without her for three weeks. It was torture. But I got a lot of handwork done during that time. Hang in there!

    xo -El


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