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Still Under the Sea

I am racing along now on my 2010 Block-of-the-Month from Willowberry Designs.  This is Truffle Turtle.  Isn’t she cute?  G2 kept telling me she liked it as I was doing it.  I don’t think she grasps the concept that these blocks will be in a block for her, but she likes the pictures.

I usually like to do something else when I am working by hand like watch movies or listen to podcasts or audio books.  Most of this block was done while watching updates from Japan.  We are watching closely because it is so close to us geographically and my husband works in a nuclear power plant.  Usually he laughs it off when people complain about the dangers of nuclear energy.  The nuclear industry probably has the strictest safety standards of any industry in the world, especially in developed countries.  The fact that he is worried about Japan tells me how serious it is more than anything I see on CNN.

We are safe in Korea.  In fact, I have not felt an earthquake during the entire time we have been here.  It is away from the fault line, so does not get the tremors like Japan, but it is a reminder that catastrophes can happen anywhere.  With all the disasters that have happened in Australia, New Zealand and now Japan, my complaints (like not having a sewing machine for two months) seem pretty trivial.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the people who have lost homes and loved ones.


One thought on “Still Under the Sea

  1. That turtle is so super cute! That is going to be one darling quilt when you finish!

    And the earthquake/tsunami in Japan is so tragic. It is hard to know what to do to help.

    xo -El


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