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Du-Ru Chew-Mo-Ni

Here is my Du-Ru Chew-Mo-Ni.  “Du-Ru” means “round” and “Chew-Mo-Ni” means “pocket, purse or lucky bag”.  This is the third style of traditional coin purse that I have made in my class.

It closes at the top with two drawstrings threaded through pleats.  The draw strings have fancy knots on the end.  I just buy these cords.  I don’t know how to tie them.

This is my first attempt at out-door photography because I wanted to include the cherry blossoms.  It is still cold out, but cherry blossoms are a sure sign of spring.  There are trees right outside our building.  They are visible from our building, but since I am on the fifteenth floor, I have to look down from my balcony to see them.  Last spring I visited my friend on the second floor, and the view was amazing.  They also smell great.

You can see that just behind the trees, there is bamboo growing up the side of the building.  Two years ago, we were saying “Look at the bamboo!”  Now we say “Oh yeah, it’s just bamboo.”  It’s surprising what we have gotten used to.


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