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Knitting up a storm

Since I am currently on a sewing-machine vacation, I have been doing a bunch of knitting.  When cleaning out a closet, I found some balls of yarn that I brought from Canada.  I figured I should make something out of them to justify bringing them.  There is not enough to make anything that will fit my kids – G2 has grown since we got here, so I am making a couple of baby sweaters.

Here are some pieces for a little cardigan – front, back and one sleeve.  Almost done!  Now I will just have to try to find a 3 1/2 mm circular needle for doing the border.  I walked about 1.5 km to the knitting store today and found it closed.  At least G2 walked it with me, so she should fall asleep early tonight.

I really like this pattern.  It is alternating columns of open diamonds and cables.  It is easy but looks impressive.  It was also pretty quick to memorize, that means I didn’t have to be glued to the pattern the whole time.

When G1 heard it was a baby sweater she asked if I was having a new baby.  I said no, I would save it and use it as a gift whenever a friend had a baby.  She said “Aren’t you too old to have friends that have babies?”  OUCH.


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