Hoo is this?

These cute little owls are like the one from my teacher’s bag.  The bigger one is about 8 cm tall.  I want to make a family of them and put them on a stick to hang on our front door in Canada.  This is dad and B2.  G1 wants me to make a large one for a stuffed toy.

I may add more non-sewing related posts in the next little while as we are doing some travelling before we move.  Next week we are going to Beijing – Great Wall of China, Forbidden City and HUGE silk market!  My kids don’t appreciate these opportunities.  I said to G1 (who is 12yo) “How many kids get to see the Great Wall of China in person?”

Her response: “Almost everyone in my class at school has seen it.”  Hope it’s not too boring for her : )


One thought on “Hoo is this?

  1. too funny! Joshua had the same reaction when we went to the White cliffs of Dover…. “everyone in my class has already been here”…. amazing what they learn to take for granted, eh?

    Your owls are adorable 🙂


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