life in Korea

Korean Princess

I finally bought G1 a hanbok.  This is a traditional Korean dress.  I promised her one long ago, but we never got around to shopping.

This is the dress.  It is fully lined and made with silk.

It comes with a matching embroidered jacket.

This jacket is a different style than the more common one with a tie.  G1 chose this style partly because she doesn’t know how to tie the traditional tie.  Good thing.  Neither do I.  There is a tie on G2’s hanbok, but it is sewed on for decoration only.  The jacket actually closes with a snap and velcro.

I don’t know when she’ll actually wear it, but it’s a great keepsake from Korea.  I know she’ll have lots of memories from living here.

When we bought it, she wanted me to buy her a silk bag to go with it.  Hello?  Haven’t I been taking classes in Korean sewing for 1 1/2 years?  Haven’t I made a bunch of silk bags already?  I might not want to take on a hanbok, but I’m pretty sure I can handle a bag.


4 thoughts on “Korean Princess

  1. That looks really nice on her. I think the design is perfect, especially for a non-Korean, since it looks more like something she would feel comfortable wearing for a special occasion, and doesn’t look costume-y. Very pretty.


  2. It looks so cute on her. I don’t think she will have any trouble finding places to wear it. We’re looking forward to having you home!


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