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Great Wall of China

This is a non-sewing post

We just got back from a short trip to Beijing.  Even after being in Korea for two years, it still seems funny for me to say “go to China for the weekend”.  The Great Wall was one of the things we really wanted to see before we left Asia, and it was worth it.  It is hard to describe the size and scope of the Wall.  It was an amazing experience and I’m glad that at least the older kids will be able to remember it.  We went to two different sections of the wall, and they were very different.

This is one of the many great views.

Yes, G1 is taller than me, but that hat makes her look even taller than she is.

We were mobbed by people wanting to take pictures with us.  Seriously, you’re on the Great Wall of China, but you want a picture with me?  It’s funny, but a common occurrence in Asia.  I guess we’re used to it by now.

Even here, you can eat fresh and we did.  We don’t have Subway in our part of Korea, so it was a treat.


One thought on “Great Wall of China

  1. Wonderful blog! I’m from the U.S., currently living in Beijing, and taking occasional trips to Seoul. I’m also a mother of four and a quilter. I’ve begun trying my hand at pojagi after visiting the Chojun Quilt Museum.


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